Ministry Memoirs

Beulah Baptist Church, Montgomery, Al 1993-1998

I have been preaching and teaching the Word of God, since 1993, I was ordained as an Elder in Beulah Baptist Church under Pastor Porter Osby Jr. As a Minster at Beulah Baptist Church, I was over Mission. I introduce the church to Global ministries, and cross-cultural mission, where I introduce the first white Missionary to preach at Beulah Baptist Church. I frequently volunteer, for the youth detention center in Montgomery, Alabama, where I was teaching a bible study. I also taught a course on the canonization of the scriptures, at Beulah Baptist Church for the National Baptist Convention (NBC). I assisted in Meals on Wheels. My first exposure to small group was a prayer meeting, shortly after my conversion in 1991.

Cornerstone Bible Church Montgomery, Al 1998-2001

I move my church membership, to Cornerstone Bible Church, where I assisted in preaching and teaching. I was the first black elder to be part of the church’s non-denominational elder board. My family was left this church and moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee in August 2001.

New Home Missionary Baptist Church Chattanooga, Tn 2003-2013

I taught the men Sunday School class, I was ordained, again as a Sovereign Grace Elder, where I was in the rotation for preaching on Sunday Morning and evening. I was over the church’s feeding ministry. I did Itinerant ministry, preaching in different states, KY, AL, TX, GA, and, TN. I also put together the church’s web site. I assisted other Pastors at other Baptist churches in training and ordaining ministers and deacons for ministry.



Working on being certified in family counseling and marriage counseling, through Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). Will be finish by April 2022.


Taught course on the Canonization of the Scripture, for The National Baptist Convention (NBC) for two semester.


Missionary Trips

West Indies (Southeastern Bible College)

Jamaica (New City Fellowship)

Ministry Education

Southeastern Bible College 1993 Not Completed

Majors Biblical Studies.

The Master’s University 2016-2018

Biblical Studies (Bible Exposition)


MINTS Seminary 2018-2020

Master of Arts in Theological