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Encouraging Words for the Week with Rachel Tolliver 

Encouraging Words for the Week

Welcome to Biblical talks Encouraging Words for the week. I am Rachel Tolliver, I love this quote from Pastor John MacArthur “Sanctification is an ongoing process of DECREASING SIN. But you can’t measure it in moments, or in days, but in years. As you GROW IN CHRIST you will SIN LESS but you will fee worse. That means AS you SIN LESS you are BECOMING MORE HOLY and have a greater resentment for sin. So, AS you SIN LESS you see sin in a worse light. THAT is EVIDENCE of real SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT” – John MacArthur. Saints, sanctification is the process of Christians growing in Christ.  We know that Ultimate sanctification will only be accomplished when we stand faultless before Christ in glory.


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The Beatitudes are not telling you how to become a Christian—they tell you what a true Christian looks like.

Everyone wants to be blessed. We want to be blessed in life, blessed in death, and blessed in eternity. In the Beatitudes, the Son of God tells us about the life that is blessed and about the people who are blessed. But Jesus does more than just describe a blessed life, He gives us a way to pursue it.

In his book Momentum, Colin Smith wants you to know that change is hard, it’s true, but we often make it harder than it has to be. Momentum offers a better way forward, revealing how the Beatitudes hold the secret to change that gets easier with time.

If you want to make strides in overcoming sin, growing in godliness, abounding in good works, and enjoying intimacy with the Lord, this book is for you. And if you have lost hope that any of these things are possible, this book is especially for you. You can make progress, starting today.


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